Polyester Insulation|Greenstuf - 100% polyester

Usage: Ceilings/Walls/Underfloors

greenstuff polyester insulation

Thermal and acoustic home insulation products are made from durable, safe and friendly polyester. Highly resistant to fire and moisture damage, the GreenStuf insulation range is designed to keep your home warm, dry, quiet, healthy and energy-efficient for a lifetime.

Autex insulation products are made from 100% polyester fibre, bonded using heat instead of traditional chemical binders. Polyester is naturally resistant to fire, moisture, vermin, insects, mould and bacteria, eliminating the need for any chemical additives. As well as being environmentally friendly, GreenStuf polyester insulation material is non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergenic and safe for anyone coming into contact with it.

Our installers often hear from the customers while installing GreenStuf, that they can pinpoint where the insulation is fitted and where there is none. We have found that over 80% of our customers prefer having GreenStuf insulation to the underfloor of their homes compared to other underfloor products available. It is definitely a product that is hard to beat both in price and performance value.

GreenStuf insulation products are exceptionally durable. They won't slump, settle or disintegrate over time and are backed with a 50-year warranty. GreenStuf products are manufactured using a low-energy production process, putting them among the most environmentally-friendly insulation solutions on the market.

Other features include:
GreenStuf® is totally safe to install (no protective clothing required) and provides safe indoor air quality GreenStuf® is fully recyclable, uses recycled polyesters in its production and doesn't place demand on landfill space GreenStuf® provides excellent acoustic properties to keep your home or commercial environment quiet Fire resistant ratings exceed all requirements of the New Zealand Building Code.

For further information about why you should think about choosing Greenstuf® click here to open a pdf (will open in new window) or click on the autex logo below to visit their site.

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GreenStuf® products are BRANZ Appraised in New Zealand.
Guaranteed performance - certified +50 years' durability rating in NZ
Formaldehyde free

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