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Solutions for warmer, drier houses – moisture barriers and insulation NZ can rely on

Underfloor vapour barrier 

If you have damp soft ground around your section in winter, or have a lot of unexplained condensation, the team at Rodney Insulation suggests you ask for a quote for a polythene moisture barrier.

According to research done by Consumer New Zealand, as much as 25 litres of water vapour per day can come up through your floorboards from the ground underneath. This goes straight up into your home. In conjunction with well-installed underfloor insulation, a heavy-duty polythene barrier to prevent damp rising into your house will make your house drier and much easier to heat. Additionally, experts state that according to the Building Code about 75% of existing houses with suspended floors don’t have enough ventilation. This means that 25 litres of moisture is not being dissipated through ventilation; it rises up into the house every day.

Vapour barriers and underfloor insulation address different parts of a home’s performance; they provide solutions for different problems. Underfloor insulation helps keep heat in the house but has little effect on reducing moisture coming from the sub-floor space into the house.

An on-ground vapour barrier helps keep a house dry by reducing the amount of moisture entering the house through the floor. This is crucial when your home is built on damp ground or where the underfloor is enclosed with little natural ventilation.

In order to be effective the polythene sheets must be laid correctly. They must overlay each, be taped together, taped around the piles and brought up the sides of house. Properly installed, a vapour barrier is a good option for all homes. Get the expert insulation team fro Rodney Insulation to add a moisture barrier to your home.

Call Rodney Insulation on 0800 857 232 for a free measure and quote. Don’t underestimate the value of ground vapour barriers for managing moisture.

Moisture Barrier
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Fibreglass insulation blankets

Premier A Grade Insulation Blankets

Rodney Insulation has had over twenty years’ experience and extensive use of various fibreglass insulation products. For best results, the team prefers to use Premier A grade insulation from Premier Insulation.

Premier A Grade Insulation is made from the world’s most popular insulation material, glass wool. It is non-combustible and sustainable. The glass wool is made up of 70-80% recycled glass and contains sand, soda ash, borax and limestone with the final component – resin – being the agent that binds everything together.

Premier A Grade Insulation is BRANZ appraised and supported by the Auckland Council “Retrofit your home” programme which runs alongside the “Warm up NZ: Heat Smart” scheme.

Premier A Grade is a glass fibre thermal and acoustic insulation blanket for walls, ceilings, roofs and floors of buildings. Premier A Grade comes in a range of thicknesses and thermal ratings.

While underfloor insulation is vital for improving indoor temperatures, a vapour barrier controls moisture, eliminating the conditions for mould and dust mites to thrive and making your home easier to heat. Get moisture and temperature wins and make your house a safer place to live.

The product is available in the following sizes:

RatingThicknessRoll Size
R1.875mm1200mm x 15m
R2.190mm1200mm x 15m
R2.290mm1200mm x 10m
R2.5100mm1200mm x 15m
R2.690mm1200mm x 8m
R2.7120mm1200mm x 15m
R2.890mm1200mm x 6m
R2.9125mm1200mm x 10m
R3.3145mm1200mm x 10m
R3.6155mm1200mm x 10m
R4.0175mm1200mm x 8m

Call Rodney Insulation on 0800 857 232 for a free measure and quote. They provide solutions for warmer, drier houses – moisture barriers and insulation NZ can rely on.